Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's been ages since I featured anything on The Phenomenal Ghent*, an American wrestler working in France. Turns out Ghent suffered an injury in 2012 and was sidelined from wrestling and bodybuilding. But the good news is, he's back...and boy is he back! To paraphrase an old saying, "you can't keep a good heel down." To see older posts on Ghent, click on the label at the bottom of this post. *(Not too long ago, Ghent was also known as Khent; in this 2011 YouTube video, he does battle with another bodybuilder, Jo Atlas.)

I hope Ghent makes all his ring entrances dressed like this.


  1. The last photo-
    To quote the girls from Friends :

    RACHEL: He is so cute!
    MONICA: Oh, George(..'Ghent'), baby, drop the towel!
    ALL: Yeah, drop it! Drop the towel! Please drop the... (PAUSE) ...wowww

    1. This guy is actually English, not american. They just billed him as American for some reason

    2. Really? I wonder if he speaks with an American accent when takes the microphone prior to a match.


    Maybe not such a comeback!!