Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beefcakes In Action : On The Ropes

One of the things that makes pro wrestling different (and better IMO) than other contact sports is the fact that the participants can use a part of the "equipment" during a bout. I'm referring to the ropes that are supposed to keep all the action inside the squared circle. You won't see boxers or MMA fighters employing the ropes or a part of the ring to gain an advantage over their opponents. But in wrestling, the ropes are where some of the most intense action takes place. Wrestlers can bounce off them, climb them, use them to execute other holds...and, even though these are illegal, use them to choke their opponents, rake their eyes, or bind their arms in order to incapacitate them . Here are just a few examples. (More images coming soon.)
Warren Brady vs Leon Shah

Johnny Silver (bottom right)

Anthony Nese

JJ Garrett

The ropes are a good place to catch your breath.


  1. My favorite is making your opponent dangle with the ring rope between his legs, balancing only on his balls.

    Don't forget that one :)

  2. Fish hooks on the ropes are the best!! Please post!!