Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Jessie Godderz Experience

Okay, Jessie Godderz fans, fasten your seat belts; my good friend Jim from Chicago has a treat for you today -- seventeen awesome photos of the one and only Mr. PECtacular. Jim took these pictures at the May 2nd show of TNA Impact held in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Jessie and his Bro Mans tag team partner Robbie E faced The American Wolves, i.e. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Jim writes,, "it was a great match up with lots of action. At one point, Jessie had Davey in an armlock between the ropes and somehow Robbie E got tied up in the hold unbeknownst to Jessie (see photos below). In the end, it was The American Wolves with the victory." Wow! Thanks for these fantastic shots, Jim!


  1. I'd really like to see Jessie in a match vs. Robbie E. Must check to see if they met BEFORE they teamed up. I think it'd be sweet to see him hand Robbie his head!

  2. They met three times as singles. Jessie beat Robbie twice, on two consecutive days in December 2012. Robbie's win came in 2011. Here's a YouTube vid of one of the 2012 matches: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mv7res4ZY9g

  3. Is he a beautiful specimen? Absolutely, without question.

    So is a Barbie Ken doll -

    A fully developed, sexually mature, muscled man, without a trace of body hair, and without a crotch bulge.

    He's an overgrown boy.

    Please - at least roll up some tissue into a ball and give the illusion that there's some substance 'down there'. After all, at the end of the day, this is all about illusion anyway.

  4. Look again at #5. Also, you gotta know that hair removal has been part of many muscular men's grooming for a long time. Somewhere I saw images of him with a very respectable beard. I think you just have a visceral dislike of him. I know the experience. Some wrestlers that would ordinarily attract me wildly leave me cold. No god reason, just a personal reaction.

    1. Hi, this is Anon#1 ...

      Sorry for the rant; it came off as too negative. Jessie is fine.

      My larger issue is that the vast majority of really hot wrestlers go hairless. For me it's a turn off. I fantasize about men - not boys.

      I'm turned on by scantily clad, butch men with all the accompanying indicators of masculinity.

      Don't misunderstand me - I'm not suggesting all wrestlers should be bears. In a perfect world, yes, there would be room for those who do prefer to go hairless.

      Perhaps simply a wider selection of ALL body types would be the answer.

  5. I agree with Almatolmen; I have no interest in viewing matches of some wrestlers, WWE ones in particular. For me it is partly overexposure, in the media sense, no double entendre intended.
    After reading a number of posts by pro wrestlers on FB sites, I have noticed a lot of complaints that body hair tends to get in the opponent's mouth. Yuck.

  6. In the case of WWE wrestlers, it's often not the guys, it's the god-awful match scenarios. That's why when I'm asked whether so-and-so should " move up" to it I say "No way! It'll be the ruination of a good wrestler."

  7. Yes, yuck. For most of them, I assume, a match isn't foreplay. Of course when it is, chacun à son goût.

  8. Any one know anything about Cody Rhodes?