Thursday, May 15, 2014

What Did Ashton Hide In His Trunks?

My good friend Jim from Chicago has shared a lot of his fantastic photographic work here on Beefcakes of Wrestling; his latest contribution is this batch of pics taken last April 25th at a Resistance Pro Wrestling event held in Willowbrook, Illinois. Here we see Ashton Vuitton in a tag team match (Ashton and his partner Brady Pierce faced the team of Matt Knicks and Chris Castro).

Jim writes that "in the middle of the match, Ashton pulls a tube of lipstick out of his trunks and decorates Matt's forehead."(Naughty Ashton!)

In the end, Ashton and his partner won the match. Thanks for the photos, Jim! I can't wait to see what you'll share with us next.


  1. I guess it would have been pretty embarrassing if Ashton had to "fish" for the lipstick!

  2. Ashton is one of those mysterious instances where a guy who SHOULD appeal to me fails to do so. I don't understand why I don't find him attractive. But I don't!

  3. I saw an interview of Ashton, when he was a "face," before the male-model stuff, and he came off as a nice kid. The current gimmick does nothing for him.