Friday, May 2, 2014

What's NXT for Mason Ryan?

Sad news for fans of NXT wrestler Mason Ryan; WWE/NXT has not renewed his contract (same goes for British wrestler Oliver Grey formerly known as Joel Redman).  So what now for the Welsh born giant (real name Barri Griffiths)? Will he continue to stay n in the USA and join an independent promotion or will he return to the UK and be the star he was meant to be? Thanks to my good friend and longtime contributor to this blog David for sharing this piece of news with me. Here are a bunch of photos that David took of Mason over the years. Which look is your favorite?


  1. On the whole, the WWE promotion complex is bad news for most wrestlers it touches, like Ryan and Grey. I like him to stay in the US so I can at least dream of going to a live match. But I think he should go where appreciated the most, find the best competitors for him to demolish, and can be most satisfied.


    ...and I like the bearded, long hair look the best.

  3. To each his own, but the long hairdo reminded me of one of my flower-child female babysitters from ca. 1970. I really think the hair was more WWE styling than from him. Florida has a big indy scene, it would be great if he stayed. It would probably be better for his career if he returned to the UK; unfortunately that would mean we would be limited to great photos, but vids that look as if they were shot from the back row.

  4. I think the problem is that Mason (..and Oliver Grey/Redman, also Paul Burchill - remember him?!)
    are great looking wrestlers but I find they don't connect with the audience well (..apart from us, they connect with us cos we find them hot). Their lack of personality and mic skills, along with the dumb WWE creative team proves them to be difficult to promote and given an identity.
    I hope Mason (and Oliver) succeed in the WWE, but I fear they might be dropped soon unless they are happy having a career as a WWE jobbers.

  5. You are right for the most part (and look what they did to Kenneth Cameron before cutting him). Mic skills must be hard to learn. Unfortunately Joel Redman (Grey) has already been cut, but his mic work in the UK was good, as far as I remember.