Monday, May 12, 2014

Muscle Monday

No need to explain today's choice. Brian "Mr. GMSI" Cage in a match from 2013.

Coming this week on Beefcakes of Wrestling, exclusive photos of Ashton Vuitton, Jessie Godderz, David Starr, Roderick Strong, and newcomer Tristan Keali'i, all courtesy of my good friends and photographers extraordinaire Jim from Chicago and David. Thanks, guys!


  1. Who's the opponent?

    Of the batch you tease us with, I'm most looking forward to Starr and Godderz.

  2. These are two matches, the first is Tyler Cintron (with the lip decorations on his trunks), and the second is, the British guy, darn, the name doesn't come to me.

  3. second guy maybe is brithish messiah timothy thatcher

  4. Yes, that's it, Timothy Thatcher.