Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oh, Magnus!

My good friend and a longtime contributor to this blog, Jim from Chicago, emailed me some photos he took of a TNA Impact show featuring British import Magnus (real name Nick Aldis). The show was held in La Crosse, Wisconsin on May 2nd. Magnus' tag team partner in this match is Ethan Carter III and their opponents are former WWE superstars Kurt Angle (yes, he's still wrestling) and MVP; the team of Angle and MVP won this bout. Coming soon...more pics of this show from Jim. Thanks, Jim! Can't wait to see the next batch!


  1. What a great tag-team!

    Angle and MVP must have cheated. :)

  2. Looking forward to the photos.

    I wish there was easy way to express our gratitude to all the photogs who feed our appetite to see wrestlers and matches we wouldn't otherwise see.

    To any who happen to be looking at this blog, Thanks!

  3. These 2 guys not only have the best bodies in TNA but in ALL Pro-Wrestling. They are the main reason why I watch Impact Wrestling.

  4. Not only do Magnus and Ethan Carter III have the best bodies in TNA but they have the best bodies in ALL Pro Wrestling. I can't get enough of these guys.

  5. Magnus is the ultimate "10." Sexiest face, hottest body. I could stare at the Kurt Angle photo all day, imagining having my hand in between the hot Brit's legs like our Olympic hero, even just for a second ..