Monday, November 9, 2015

Beefcakes In Action

Beefcakes of Wrestling now has 430 followers! Thanks for joining, new members. And thanks to the all the long-time followers for sticking around. I hope you enjoy this set of pics.
Anthony Nese vs Greek God Papadon

Alexander Hammerstone

Luther Ward

Rionne Fujiwara

Ashton Vuitton

Cam Zagami


Dunkan Disorderly

Vic Capri (right)

Ethan Carter III (formerly known as Mike Hutter/Derrick Bateman)


  1. Love that Ward has entered this blog! Also can never get enough of Capri, even if it's a headless shot of his pecs, abs and package ^^

  2. Simply Hot actión Luv them All

  3. Anyone know who Capri's opponent is? Eli, I couldn't agree more about Vic's pecs. abs and package.