Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rush Rush

Making their first appearance here on Beefcakes Of Wrestling, please welcome Chris Rush and Rush. No, they aren't a tag team, in fact, these two wrestlers couldn't be more different. Chris Rush is white, has blue eyes, and hails from Germany. Rush is a luchador in Mexico who has thick, dark curly hair and dark eyes. Here are some pics of Chris Rush:

You can watch Chris in action in a match held two months ago here. Now let's go south and check out these pics of Mexican wrestling star Rush.

Watch this rudo (villain) in action here and versus former WWE Superstar Sin Cara here.


  1. Edit: he's really cute and hot. When he's doing his hulk flex, his muscles look weirdly pieced together in a bad photoshop way tho. Like in the first pic, his head looks tilted and his trunks look like it was moved up in the pic. Also he looks weirdly pinching his nipples

  2. But wouldn't they be amazing as a tag team.? Dreams and fantasies!