Thursday, November 12, 2015

Head Shots

Here on Beefcakes of Wrestling, we like to focus on the bodies of pro wrestlers. For a change, let's focus on their faces instead. Here are some head shots of 10 wrestlers taken in a variety of styles, from glamor shots to gritty portraits. Which one's your favorite?
Randy Summers

Donovan Dijak

Jessy Sorenses

Noam Dar

Paul Ryker

Alexander Hammerstone

Mike Bennett

Alex Chamberlain (formerly known as Aleksander Chekhov)

David Starr

Tony Salantri aka Tony Santarelli


  1. Mostly all very handsome studs! Dijack is very rugged and chiseled. Not a fan of Bennett's crazy hair style (nor Bobby Fish either). Paul Ryker and Tony Salantri look hot too and also David Starr. Randy Summers needs to shave his face. Jesse Sorensen seems to have a fat face there; maybe that was taken when he was getting back to shape still ...

  2. Hard to say, simce there are some great biceps and pecs visible in a few of them. Like Summers and Salantri, the latter is new to me.

  3. Dijak and Ryker. Most of the others look hot as well.

  4. Mike Bennet, of course, and Randy Summers.

  5. So many handsome faces, but my vote goes for Jesse Sorensen. Donovan Dijak, Randy Summers and Paul Ryker get honorable mentions.

  6. Does Salantri even wrestle? I only find him as being involved with filmmaking.

    1. I should have identified him as Tony Santarelli or Tony Stradlin. "Anthony "Tony" Salantri[1] is a former American professional wrestler, better known by his ring names Tony Santarelli or Tony Stradlin, who competed in North American promotions including Combat Zone Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, as well as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Zero1, Deep South Wrestling, and World Wrestling Entertainment. (source: