Monday, November 16, 2015

Muscle Monday : Kyle Rasmussen

It's a pity Kyle Rasmussen, formerly FCW/NXT's Conrad Tanner, retired from pro wrestling. The last time I posted anything on him was five years ago. Rasmussen is now a personal fitness trainer and "body transformation specialist" who goes by the name Coach Kyle. He's also a certified nutrition specialist as well as a fitness model and actor (read more about him here). Here are some recent pics of him.

And here are pics of Rasmussen which were posted on this blog back in November 2010. Note how he's since covered up that "1" tattoo on his left pectoral muscle.


  1. Recently, i was looking for additions and updates for the Musclemen of Wrestling Poll. Sadly, it's no longer active. But I was going through all your Labels for wrestlers, which I was limiting to guys active within the past five years, when, of course, I encountered Kyle/Conrad. He certainly would have been in my nominations. But he was ineligible by that standard.

    It's sad that we won't see him in the ring again. Though in the world of wrestling we should never say never. I wish that we could petition for those who left the sport too early to return and have any hope of success. I'm going to Search Videos and maybe add some of his matches to my to watch list. Any recommendations, fellow Commenters?

    He looks like he could return tomorrow.

  2. I just checked out Cagematch. He was in only 26 matches over 11 months in 2010, mostly tag-team. There were some singles matches I would have liked to watch very much: vs. Ryan O'Reilly, Derrick Bateman, Rudy Parker, Jonny Curtis, and Wade Barrett.

    This is the only match on YouTube that looks to be of interest to me, an inter-gender tag match in which Bateman is his male opponent:

  3. This was my list of candidates made October 9, 2015. None of these guys appeared in the Poll.. Another criteria I used was to only consider their current appearance as of the most recent year of activity. Some of the men had changed for the worse from their peak. In the case of older photos in the Poll, if they had newere ones that still looked good or even better, I had posted revisions on the site. Since MoW is gone I can't tell you who they were. N.B., in the latest poll, Seth Rollins had garnered the most votes and was #1. The site manager was having technical problems and couldn't do updates. I think that's why he quit. That and he felt there wasn't enough interest, though in part the fact that there was rarely fresh blod may have contributed. If I'd the resources, technical and data amounts, I'd have been willing to take over. Anyone here interested in reviving it?


    Adrian Severe, Alex Chamberlain/Aleksander Chekov, Alex Koslov, Alex Plexis,
    Alex Silva, Andreuw Tang, Angelico, Ahtu Abdul Rashied

    Batista, Black Bushi, Blaine Rage, Blake Morris, Bobby Fish, Bobby Laskley,
    Brady Roberts, Brandon Collins, Bubblegum, Byron Saxton

    Calvin Raines, Cameron Matthews, Cedric Rougeau, Charles Haas, Chase Stevens,
    Chasyn Rance, Chris Bryant, Chris Raaber, Clay Moore, Clutch Adams, Craven Knight

    Damian Slater, Damon Brix, Danny Duggan (UK), Darren Young, Dragon Rojo, Jr.,
    Dunkan Disorderly, Dylan James/James Raideen

    Eddie Rage, Eddie Reyes, El Eligado, Elias Sampson, Elliot Sexton, Elvis Allaga,
    Emil Sitoci, Eric Priest, Eric St. Vaughn, Eric Young

    Fabriano Rolenta/Omar Akbar, Fahd Rakman, Franky the Mobster


    Jack Gallagher, Jackson Andrews, Jacob Hollows, Jake Nova, Jason Hades, J. D. Maverick,
    Jesse Sorensen, Jimmy Gavroche, Jimmy Preston, Joey Ozbourne/Starr,
    John Walters/R. J. Brewer, Johnny Armani, Johnny Gargano, Johnny Moss,
    Jon Cutler, Jordan Miles, Joey Hayes, Josh Daniels, Josh Shooter,
    Justin Gabriel/P. J. Black

    Kharn Alexander, Kris Travis, Kyle Rasmussen/Conrad Tanner

    Lane Vasser, Leo Kruger/Adam Rose, Leon Shah, Luke Robinson

    Mark Angel/Angelosetti, Mark Haskins, Marko Estrada, Matt Cross, Mike Peterson,
    Mike Rollins

    Nick/Dick Riley, Nick Rogers, Nigel McGuiness

    Phenomenal Khent

    Radomar Petkovic

    Sam Shaw, Scott Reed, Scotty Mac, Scotty Putty, Sexy Kev, Sexy Peter White,
    Shaun "The Hammer" Davis, Shawn Daivari, Zema Xion, Sless Taylor, Steinbolt,
    Steve Cutler

    T J Perkins, Toma Tonga, The Shard, The Trouble Maker, Titus O'Neill,
    Tommy Suede, Tyler Hawke, Tyson Furia, Tyson Dux

    Wavel Starr, Will Ferrara

    Zaid Khan

  4. This where the Poll used to be:

  5. The admin was Jr Edwards, address

  6. I was trying to think of Kyle/Conrad when you posted about Tino Sabatelli. WWE/NXT seems to train up these big guys with great physiques and then they never really go anywhere, e.g., Kyle's tag team partner, "Lift Sawyer" (bodybuilder/nutritionist Adam Reed).
    Wish they would record some of the house shows in which they appear and put them online. I think it would be a great way to build up a fan base for possible TV appearances.