Monday, November 2, 2015

Muscle Monday : Luther Ward

In yesterday's Halloween post, there was a photo of a masked wrestler in a red-white-and-blue American-themed outfit whom I couldn't identify. One of this blog's sharp-eyed readers deduced that said wrestler was Luther Ward because although his face was covered, the "Saviour" tattoo on his stomach gave him away. 33-year old Ward (6 ft. 1 in., 240 pounds) used to wrestle in his native Ireland and the UK using his real name Joey Cabray. He started using the name Luther Ward when he worked for WWE/NXT back in 2013.

In other promotions, Ward has worked as face-paint wearing persona Omen. These pics would have been appropriate for Halloween.
Why cover up your rugged good looks?

Covering his Saviour tattoo when wrestling in the Middle East.

Here are a couple more pics of Luther Ward. Click here to see him vs Beefcake-y Damien Corvin.

With Joel Redman


  1. Luther, lose the boxing trunks and no mask, and you'll be perfect..

  2. Wow awesome work! When I started looking into this guy, I couldn't find much and decided he was just hotter with the mask on, but he's really pretty hot

  3. He's pretty much hot in any gear. Usually I find masks an annoyance. I like to see faces. But his actually works for him, emphasizing his physique.

    He's back in the UK. His gimmick, seen in the first pix, is as a hard as nails Irish Traveler, sort of a cross in the popular mind of a Gypsy and a mobster. Naturally, he's a heel that appeals to the negative stereotypes of the public. He's on the receiving end of a lot of heckling, some quite vulgar.