Friday, November 6, 2015

Selfies : Randy Summers and Tristan Archer

Some people love to post selfies on social media. I know there are critics who say this is a sign of narcissism, but I don't mind seeing selfies of Beefcakes like these. Here's Randy Summers sharing some shirtless selfies.

Now here's French wrestler Tristan Archer showing off his chiseled hard body.

Archer's come a long way since he first started out in professional wrestling. Compare his physique today to the one he had back in 2010.
Originally posted on this blog in Nov. 2010


  1. It's unfair that Tristan even back in 2010 has a physique 10x better than most people

  2. Between their friends & fans there is nobody that can snap a photo? They would rather have a shot that half obscures their face.

  3. Selfies are more convenient. Probably 80% of these pics wouldn't exist if these guys had to find someone to take a pic for them