Thursday, November 26, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month : Beefcakes In Action

Here are my picks for the best action photos posted on this blog back in November 2010.
Brandon T (now known as TNT's Bram)

Rob Eckos (standing, now known as TNT's Robbie E)

Mason Ryan

Sylvain Grenier (foreground)

Daniel Rodimer (right)

Strongman Jon Andersen

Chasyn Rance (left)

Sexy Peter White

Romeo Roselli (standing)

Shawn Spears (right)

Chad Collier vs Matt Stryker


  1. A very exciting post. A ton (or more) of male pulchritude for our Thanksgiving.

    I wish Bram was still that hot!

  2. Interesting that Shawn Spears has a similar design SS as Shawn Stasiak did when he was wrestling. That last match of Matt vs Chad is such a classic. So many great pics of the two beefcake studs from that match

  3. Who's the opponent of shawn spears