Friday, October 28, 2016

Beefcakes In Action

Noam Dar (right)

Stan Styles vs Buff Bagwell

Tye Dillinger vs Robert Roode

Jack Sexsmith vs Bubblegum

Tino Sabatelli (right)

Tristan Archer (left)

Eddie Smooth vs A.R. Fox

Brian McCarthy

Mahabali Shera vs Kenny King

Sean Carr (standing)


  1. I wonder what Noam is looking so intently at.

    Will Bubblegum ever grow up? Noam has, and wonderfully so, I think.

    Sexsmith, indeed--anyone wearing his trunks like he does bears looking into. The curious name also suggests that a few moments of Googling awaits me.


  2. Oh, dear; oh, dear, oh, dear.

    Before clicking your mouse, better sit if you are not already doing so.


  3. Roode looks good in every position. Saw him on nxt recently and he looks even better than in these still pics (and better than ever).

    Brian McCarthy has a handsome side profile face!

    Oh Tristan Archer ... can we just see you manhandled by big muscle guys for the rest of eternity?

    Buff is looking great! Well I guess that's not a surprise if he's still escorting

  4. Bubblegum has definitely aged if you see him in the light. His face does look older than the rest of him, and he recently shaved his head because his hair was thinning so much. These aren't complaints though, he's still incredibly sexy (his body's amazing, and that ass...) and probably the top of my wants list as far as British wrestlers go!

    I was lucky enough to see Jack Sexsmith in action recently. He wore rainbow trunks, which spent a good few minutes pulled down at the back. Spoke to him after the show and he's an absolute gentleman, really nice guy. I wish him all the luck in the world for the future!