Friday, October 21, 2016

Body Shots : Making An Entrance

Riddick Moss & Tino Sabatelli

Dezmond Xavier

Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

Elliot Sexton

Sean Carr

Eddie Smooth

Chris Tyler

Rampage Brown

David Starr

Brian McCarthy


  1. Top picture, guy on the right (Tino Sabadell?), body so good he's like a cartoon. But then, that Chris Tyler photo is adorable...

    1. Auto-correct keeps doing that and I never notice! I'll fix it.

    2. As I pointed out in the last Jake Something entry, Tino Sabbatelli's NXT TV debut, from which this pic comes, has come and gone,a tag with Riddick Moss (Anon.):

      You can also get there through this URL, which gives you several different sources, some easier to download than others:

      There is a shortened version on Youtube too.

  2. Chris Tyler's trunks look a half size too small or perhaps he was just extremely happy that night.

  3. Sen Carr reminds me of Nick Jonas in a way ...

  4. Elliot Sexton excepted, why do so many otherwise appealing, even stunning, wrestlers partially cover their wares with tee shirts (David Starr), vests (3 men), or crazy lighting (2 men)? It is perhaps worth saying that many of this day's pix come to us probably via the same ur-source, one where vests are popular, so that may have something to do with it. Vests can be captivating, to be sure (cf. Chris Tyler & Sean Carr). For those with lots and lots of time to spend panning for gold, the ur-source is:

    His pix are tops in exposure, lighting, closeness, composition, focus, fill-in flash, action, or what-have-you. His subjects clearly like him, and he clearly likes them and the fans. His subjects are of many personas and gears, so, no matter your preference, you may find something to like.