Thursday, October 13, 2016

In Styles

So is it Stan Styles or Stan Stylez? His social media accounts say Styles, but on YouTube, it's spelled Stylez. You'll find many of his matches on YouTube, just Search for Stan Stylez, including this intriguing one titled Circumcision of Stan Stylez.


  1. How intriguing is photo #3 with the can of whipped cream - so many things come to mind...

    1. Only one "thing" comes to my "mind," but, if I grab it, I'll be acting like Donald Trump.

      In a serious vein, what a beautiful set of pix, even if I would have liked more skin and fewer vests. What a beautiful man, vests or no vests. What a smile! I feel a hormone storm coming on.

      Ahhhhhh, sweet mystery of life, Bruno has found you just for me. TT

  2. Suggest searching with each of Stan's two last-name spellings. There are myriad videos and stills out there. Should be worth your time and effort. Good surfing! TT

  3. He is hot for sure! I was skeptical of his youth, but wow .... that Circumcision video really puts this beautiful muscle boy right where he belongs. Highly recommend it and would love to see more of this young buck.