Monday, October 3, 2016

Muscle Monday : Hugo Knox Leaves WWE

NOOOO!!! You may already have heard the news that British wrestler Hugo Knox has left WWE NXT. Here's an article about Knox's departure from the company : Hugo Knox Leaves WWE. And so we say farewell to one of the "beefcakiest" beefcakes in wrestling today with a retrospective of some of the images featured here on Beefcakes of Wrestling. Let us know what you think of Knox's decision in  the Comments section below.

Knox's Message To His Fans


  1. Too bad. You have to wonder how long WWE wants these guys to spin their wheels in live shows waiting to make it to TV and possible wrestling fame.
    I've always maintained that they should be taping and releasing the live shows on Youtube so the wrestlers can build a fan base.
    I am sure Tomlinson will not be idle, even if he doesn't continue wrestling. A shame to waste all the training, though. Anon.

  2. I despise the WWE as they have ruined so many talented athletes/performers...

  3. What a waste of time and talent, WWE. I hope he keeps wrestling.

  4. Can't believe they'd let go of such a hot guy.

  5. The process WWE uses to decide who to move into more prominent roles makes no sense … I don’t blame Hugo for leaving. They had more than enough time to develop him, “if” he could be developed… maybe he can go back to soccer. (OTOH — he'll have his looks for a lot longer...)

  6. So it looks like he wasn't a keeper after all...

    In all seriousness, despite training for a fairly long time, Knoxy unfortunately wasn't really up to much in the ring. He was just about passable, but that's nowhere near good enough when so many other people are capable of doing things at a much higher level. The one time I did see him live, just a few months ago, his offence looked sloppy as anything and he completely botched his finisher by trying to jump up to the top rope and almost breaking his ankle when he slipped to the mat... It's a shame that we won't get to see those tiny trunks on NXT TV (the ones in pics 1 and 2), and I really hope he finds success in something else, but I feel like wrestling maybe just wasn't for him.

    (If anyone didn't get the opening joke, he was a goalkeeper in a football/soccer team before starting to train as a wrestler)

  7. The polka dot gear foretold Hugo's pro demise. Honestly, the rest of him also left me cold. I never saw him wrestle, but his action pix suggest that he wasn't that great a technician. I wish him well, but I don't think I'll miss him. On the beef scale, maybe a 1+.

    The USDA beef scale:
    0 dogfood
    1 ungraded
    2 select
    3 choice
    4 prime


  8. Knox has a future in gay porn if he chooses. He would be a huge star overnight.

    1. Do you mean, "uuuuge" star? And how can you tell? His trunks were not that revealing. I confess to apotential for the reflective, black, mini trunks in pix ## 1 & 2, but my hope was dashed when I saw the pseudo-Cena Nike sneakers and board shorts in #3, followed in #4 by the polka dot gear. It looks very much as though WWE or he himself never settled on a ring persona for him, which lack, I agree, was a shame and would inevitably lead to his professional annihilation--even had he the necessary wrestling skills.


    2. Same thought had occurred to me!

  9. While I'm sad another hot guy isn't going to be strutting his muscles for us anymore, I too wonder what his in-ring ability is like. I wouldn't be so quick to judge the WWE for ruining wrestling careers just because they are hot. There are no matches of Knox online that we can really see. Wrestling is so intricate. It's a dance and it's physical improv at the highest peak. Even the strongest wrestlers need to be quick to turn the tables at a critical moment to make the crowd go wild or sigh in desperation.

    Now if he wants to do gay porn or Cameron's matches, I'm sure he'd be in if he just rang. And then finally, we'd get to see him in some action.

  10. Anyone know what he is doing now?