Thursday, October 6, 2016

TJ Steel Lives!

Remember last week's post on independent wrestler TJ Steel ("Whatever Happened To TJ Steel?")? In case you missed it, TJ himself answered that question in the Comments section of that post. "Hey guys, I am still alive and I am still wrestling." TJ explains that he had to take time off for spinal surgery and slowed down his bookings while having rehab. Now the reason why we don't see much of him on social media is because he works for a law enforcement agency (he can't say which one) which discourages their agents (did I use the right word?) from posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So hurray! He hasn't left wrestling after all. TJ himself sent me an email today with a big bunch of pics that he'd like to share with all of us (in fact, the headline of this post is the subject title of his email to me). "Thanks for keeping my name out there," he writes, "it's important for people to see I'm still out there." He's not very happy about the "poser" who wrestles under the name TJ Steele (spelled with an extra e), a name the real TJ Steel came up with years ago. I know TJ is going to check out this post so if you have any messages for him, please feel free to leave them in the Comments section below. Thanks for writing and sharing these pics with us, TJ! You're the man!

He's a law enforcement agent, a wrestler AND an underwear model?
Is there nothing he CAN"T do?

Makes you want to buy Equipo underwear, right?
If you do go to Kohl's and get some, tell them TJ Steel sent you.

TJ says that the best way to find his matches or pics or links to his matches is to go to the North American Pro Wrestling Facebook Page or to search YouTube for TJ Steel matches. Thanks again, TJ!


  1. Great to hear you're doing well TJ! I'll try and be civil haha.

    Glad you recovered from surgery. I was out for almost a year with a herniated L5 so I know what that's like. Hope you are safe as I know being a cop can be dangerous now especially with so much controversy in the news lately.

    I checked out the Facebook link. As with most promotions, looks like NAPW only does live shows. There aren't nearly enough matches of you on youtube so you're gonna have to post more for us!

    This might be a little forward, but do you identify as a gay guy? It's just always nice to find others in the community doing great things. Regardless, appreciate you reaching out and giving an update!

  2. Thanks, TJ, for your consideration. You can be assured that I will Google you weekly to see wassup.

    I have two questions to ask of you, one of which I have asked in this and other blogs to no avail, and the other of which, to use EliJav's word, is forward.

    One: when wrestlers "square off" at the beginning of a match, invariably they move counter-clockwise. Maybe in 1 in 10,000 matches, clockwise. Why counter-clockwise?

    Two: A general question raised by specific examples in Bruno's post today: what do you wear under your silver britches? Whatever it may be, in your case, it works.

    Thank you, again, and may continued good health and prosperity be yours in both your vocations.

    One hopes that other wrestlers would follow your example and swamp Bruno's e-mailbox with pix and commentary.


  3. Hey Eli - Asking someone about their sexuality, especially someone you don't know personally, in a public space like this is not cool. If you were out in public and saw some stranger across a busy walkway would you raise your voice for all to hear and ask the same question? Really, really not cool.

    1. I take Anonymous' point, but I disagree that it was uncool of Eli to raise the issue of sexuality, especially in view of the context of this blog, where my straight friends who see the title always assume that the target audience is the gay community. TT

    2. TT - Regardless of the target audience of this blog, it's in poor taste to ask someone their sexuality especially, stressing again, someone you don't know AND in such a public manner like this "comments" section. If someone is curious and bound and determined to know then he or she should be asking in private and only after developing an appropriate relationship with that individual. Eli, of course, has the right to ask anyone anything wherever and whenever Eli wants to but that doesn't make it socially acceptable or appropriate.

    3. Anonymous, I won't ask you directly since you'll think I'm rude, but I'm curious where you're from and how old you are. I think "socially acceptable or appropriate" is determined entirely by context as TT alluded to.

      The comparison to asking someone across the street isn't a good one in my opinion. This is a wrestling blog catered primarily to the desires of gay men (though I've seen a woman comment). Already, this is not just some street, or if it is, it's in a neighborhood where gay presence is acknowledged.

      Finally, TJ has reached out to this blog to publicize himself to this specific community of readers. By doing so, he's opening himself up for people to know about him as he has sent photos and updates of himself to be posted.

    4. Eli - I'm Canadian, almost 50 and have been out since I was 20. If the street comparison doesn't work for you what about a gay bar? Would you get on a microphone there, single some out among the crowd and then ask them if they were gay?

    5. I'll add to this discussion -

      When I was a young man, being gay was seen widely as a character flaw, at the very least. To ask, was to accuse. If accused, the presumption was usually already implicit. Lives were destroyed by whisper, rumor, and innuendo. I witnessed these things.

      In 2016 we haven't erased homophobia, and in some parts people are still closeted - BUT - the transformation I've seen is breathtaking. In enlightened, professional circles, being gay is just another feature, like red hair.

      Accordingly, to inquire of the orientation of a public figure, who contributes to a Gay blog should impart no assumption of that man's character. There is no "accusation" implied. If he's Gay or not Gay, the matter is merely an interesting discussion point - not an indictment of a man.

    6. Anonymous, I get where you're coming from. Probably not completely since I'm a good fifteen years younger and I'm a first generation American. But I feel your anger is a bit misplaced based on the analogies you are making. Perhaps it has something to do with ManFan1's insight that it used to be death to even hint at someone's sexuality, much less ask, and definitely not out?

      There is no good analogy here. The Internet is as you mentioned a public place, but if you say calling someone out on the street or gay bar, I don't think that's what I'm doing. TJ *reached out* to this blog. Your analogy needs to take that into context.

      The best real world analogy for on the street or a bar, I suppose, would be that TJ is holding up a sign that says "I want people who frequent a blog about 'beefcake wrestlers' to know that I am still wrestling, take selfies of myself flexing, and pose as an underwear model." Maybe the best real world analogy is that he'd be the gogo boy at the bar, in which case I've definitely asked if they were gay.

    7. LOL!! I like your last analogy - very hot!!

      I'm not angry at all. My post was just my opinion on how, when and where I believe it's appropriate (and not appropriate) to publicly ask someone a personal question.

    8. All these words, yet I still ask: What's under those silver britches--as far as clothes go--the other, I can already infer. TT

  4. TJ, thank you for caring enough to write to us. I'm glad that you're still around and active. Please continue to Share Images and, whenever possible, vids.

    Eli, you're direct question did make me feel uncomfortable. I am gay, but it's not something I generally shout out. Privacy is something I value for everyone. If someone volunteers the info, okay, but leave that up to them.

    In TJ's case, recall that he's in some kind of law enforcement and some agencies and their employees can create problems for officers who are gay or those perceived to be so regardless of the law or official policies.m

  5. The strong arm (pecs, abs, etc.) of the law. Loving the silver tights!

  6. Stay safe put there, TJ! Thanks for contributing to this small but faithful community.

    1. Actually we have had right in front of our faces that TJS(no e)is straight as an arrow. No self-respecting homosexual man would come near Kohl's or that horrid underwear, let alone wear and agree to be photographed in it. Relax, men. Problem solved.

  7. Hey TJ you have a lot of big fans out here... if you are ever interested in taping some custom matches or selling gear to raise money you should let us know! will continue to follow your career for sure

  8. Aren't you the coolest, TJ! Thanks for reaching out to Bruno and providing up-to-date pics! Keep it up!