Friday, October 14, 2016


From Austria, here's Sexy Peter White.

From The Netherlands, Emil Sitoci.

From France, Tristan Archer.

From Germany, Adrian Severe.


  1. Adrian Severe/Fabian Aichner is actually from the South Tyrol (Südtirol), which is the German-speaking section of Italy, formerly Austria. Not certain what he considers himself to be, but WWE was technically correct when they referred to him as an "Italian." Anon.

  2. And, yes, I got so caught up in the Südtirol thing I forgot to say how great the pics are. Haven't seen Sexy Peter White for a long time. Is he still wrestling? Anon.

  3. Wow! Great work, Bruno…
    what a smorgasbord of dudes … I think my eyes are melting. Tristan Archer is just adorable …

  4. Wow is Sexy Peter White still wrestling? He looks great in still photos, but his matches are always disappointing for me.

  5. Great pix, Bruno. Had your post been available in the UK before they voted on Brexit, I very much doubt that they would have voted in favor of "withdrawing" from the European Union. TT

  6. Two of the White Images are from German Wrestling Promotions' "Night of Decisions" that took place 8 October 2016, so yes, he's still wrestling.

    About South Tyrol:

    1. Yes, confirming that. I found a match vid on FB. Anon.

  7. The only thing I could find is a radio review in German. Videos of this event in earlie years are available.

    A list of the matches and when the commentators discussed them:

    00:11:50 - Sasa Keel vs. Peter White
    00:14:40 - Insane Killer vs. Julian Pace
    00:17:55 - Rotation vs. Senza Volta
    00:21:30 - Boombastic vs. Farmer Joe
    00:26:25 - Pauline vs. Laura Wellings vs. Amale Winchester vs. Sara Elektra
    00:32:55 - Mr Wrestling V vs. Jonny Storm vs. Bam vs. Murat Bosporus
    00:44:20 - T-K-O vs. David Starr vs. Ryan Smile vs. Tristan Archer vs. Icarus
    00:53:00 - Georg Gwärch & Thunderhawk vs. Team Turbulence
    00:57:10 - Juvenile X vs. Absolute Andy
    01:06:13 - Fazit & Ausblick
    01:14:10 - Verabschiedung