Wednesday, October 12, 2016

There's Something About Jake

Jake Something.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, hell yeah ... ditto !!!

    2. Jake has got more than just something...

  2. "Something" ... fer shure ...

  3. Good to see Jake Something represented by his own tableau. Thanks, Bruno.

    My favorite is foto # 1. ## 2 & 6 seem to use Trump's make-up man. ## 4 & 10 display JS's thick pecs, looking almost as though # 1 was a different man--but deliciously. # 5 would be an excellent stretch shot were it not for the background arch. There are also hgints of a cute ass here and there, but # 2 does not do it justice. Having so long a name on it also masks the visual contours. Maybe plain old "JS" or even "JAKE" would serve better. Now for some fun--time to hope that YTube has some matches--hopefully showing JS fall victim to some monster and get his pecs and abs stretched to the tearing point. TT

    1. Not yet. Last time I checked the recent vids were promos.
      Silas Young is a badass, maybe this one:
      In any case, it takes you to Something's Youtube channel.

  4. Not to take away from Something, but I have something else: Tino Sabbatelli's NXT TV debut. Unfortunately it is a tag with Riddick Moss, but, nevertheless (Anon.):

    You can also get there through this URL, which gives you several different sources, some easier to download than others: