Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Body Shots : In The RingT

Tino Sabatelli

Ryan McQueen

Roman Reigns

Eddie Rage

Katsuyori Shibata

Adam Hussan

Eddie Smooth

Joey Ryan (right)

Fandango aka Johnny Curtis


  1. Who is that delicious morsel in the pink panties next to Joey Ryan?

    Oh, the fantasies I am having about that body and my tongue ... !!!

    1. Don't remember his name, but is that Joey Ryan's suppository he is holding? Joey looks fit to be overdosed. TT

    2. Looks like Jack Sexsmith. He does a pretty good pansexual gimmick. Last time I saw, during his entrance he squirted a can of cream onto some members of the crowd. He pointed the can towards a man's crotch, sprayed, then motioned he was going to lick it off. The crowd, as you can imagine, was going crazy at the suggestion a wrestler was about to lick a man's crotch. And then, of course, Jack just dived in and licked the cream off this random dude's bits and pieces. He's a brave, brave man and I adore him for it!

    3. On second inspection, it's definitely Jack Sexsmith. He's even holding a can of cream!

    4. Thank you so much!

      I've been doing some digging. This Jack Sexsmith is a self-defined "pansexual", who is out of the closet. In real life he seems very mature and focused, with quite a history.

      And he is so damned cute and sexy!!!!

      I found this bio interview that he did. Very interesting:


      Bruno - here we have an "out" British wrestler. Have you ever showcased him?

    5. No, I have not featured him yet. This is the first time I've heard of him. I'll do some more research on him.