Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beefcakes In Action

Elias Sampson vs Jeremy Foster (aka Zac Evans)

Matt Striker vs Adrian Matthews

Mega Muerte 

Brian Cage

GQ Gallo (right)

Tristan Archer

Ashton Vuitton (left)

Brady Pierce (right)

Tracer X (right)


  1. Great shots all round. Favorite is Tristan, of course.

  2. Don't know if I've seen Brady Pierce before. Damn ,his body could be used for an anatomy lesson.

  3. Zac Evans/Jeremy Foster ... wow, all it takes is one match to forever be an A-lister in hot job boy country. Thanks Elias for the assist. I will have to check more matches of him dominating other guys too.

    When did Matt Striker fight Adrenaline? I need to watch this match now!