Saturday, July 8, 2017

Smackdown on Spam Comments

Yesterday, this blog was deluged with spam comments advertising female escort services (so annoying, right?). The reason spam messages can "invade" this blog is because I don't moderate comments; I want your comments to appear as soon as you post them and for that to happen, I have to disable "Moderate Comments" in my Settings. For now, I'm going to have to moderate so that we won't get another flood of spam. Just this morning, the same escort service message appeared in my inbox and I "Marked (It) As Spam" so hopefully, I won't be seeing it again. When these pesky messages stop showing up in the "Awaiting Moderation" page, I'll reset it so that your comments can go up on the blog as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. As for those spambots, here's what I'd like to see them go through.
Timothy Thatcher

Elias Sampson vs Jeremy Foster
Chris Dickinson

Bobby Fish and Matt Striker 


  1. Have you ever featured this match? It's a sweaty submission match between two beefcakes,Chad Collier and the other Matt Stryker.

    1. That match is one of the all time hottest Indy pro battles on YouTube! Something special about those two locking up in the ring! Jacked to it numerous times!

  2. Thanks for your humor in light of a frustrating situation. Maybe they hooked onto your site because it's popular. In a way it's a complement to your work.

  3. Yeah I saw those too and was pretty annoyed. Love how you turned it into another post! Beat that spam up like a worthless jobber!!