Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Very Model Of A Beefcake Wrestler

When we last saw Paul Ryker (aka Commando, aka Falcon) in 2015, he was still wrestling on the roster of IPW:UK and Lucha Britannia.  Sadly, Ryker has been making fewer and fewer appearances in the squared circle since then. The London-based transplant from Canada has instead been keeping himself busy competing in bodybuilding events, acting, and modelling. Especially modelling; he's done numerous layouts for fitness gear, jeans, swimwear, and underwear. I'm not sure when his last pro match was, but he played a wrestler in a British sit-com last year, so he's still putting his wrestling skills to good use. To see previous posts on Paul Ryker on this blog, just click on his name in the Labels section at the bottom of this post.

This photo was posted on his Instagram account a few months ago.
Ryder still uses #prowrestler in all his photos. Maybe he hasn't
completely given up pro wrestling.

Making a guest appearance on the TV show Louie Spence Taxi Driver, July 2016.


  1. At least modelling's really visible. And then our imaginations can take care of the rest.

  2. He also works as a bodyguard/security. On the roster of LDN wrestling, the last free video I have of his is from February 2016:

  3. Watchings some old clips of his in WrestleForce, he's the perfect embodiment of the muscle jobber. I would really love to find the full length videos where he got destroyed by heels of all walks.

  4. a.k.a PAUL SYNNOT. Google responds voluminously, so some of the results may be new even if most duplicate those for RYKER. tt

  5. He has wrestled as a heel. I'd rather see him doing the demolishing.

  6. Paul Ryker used to be my favorite wrestler until I found @davemarshall89 of @all_action_wrestling. lol