Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Alpha Male Iestyn Rees

Here's 34 year old Iestyn Rees of Gloucester, England showing the world why he deserves to be called a professional wrestling Alpha Male. Rees's most recent "gimmick" is Catch Of The Day wherein he hoists his opponent by the leg after a match (see pictures #5-8). Watch a short promo for it here.


  1. Here's one of the CotD matches, titled "Shortest Match in ICW History." Fortunately, Rees also stands around for a while looking awesome:
    And then, if you are so inclined go to this Youtube channel,
    Where you will find a longer match of his from Vienna, as well as vids from the same show of Mexx, Eddie Rage (pudgy here), Sexy Peter White (in a team called "Austrian Aces"), et al.

  2. Iestyn Rees has "something special" I preferred him in his first period with less "plastic muscles" But he still looks great and sexy.

  3. Looks like an angry Jeremy Piven with muscles, not that I'm complaining...

  4. That is a great gimmick