Saturday, July 22, 2017

Color My World with Steinbolt

Gone is the trademark purple singlet and in its place, Swedish wrestler Steinbolt has been showing off conventional wrestling trunks in a range of colors. From basic black to bright yellow to a red-white-and-blue combo and even hot pink, there's always something new and exciting he likes to bring to the ring. Watch him wrestle Doug Williams for the Maximum Wrestling Championship title here (uploaded to YouTube last October 2016).



  1. Thanks for sharing the match. I LOVE Doug Williams.

  2. Anyone know who the guy on his back in #7 is? A neck massage between Steinbolt's thighs must be a good place to be!

  3. Most of the trunks he's wearing in these shots are a bit briefer than "conventional" trunks (unless you're Chris Dickinson). But I'm neither complaining nor criticizing: it's a much appreciated change! He's looking terrific.