Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rope Burns

Longtime contributor to this blog and good friend David emailed me some amazing photos he took at some recent NXT events in Florida. What do these images have in common? All the action in these shots involve ring ropes. I've always liked matches where the wrestlers use the ropes to gain an advantage over their opponent or where the ropes become a big part of the action. The ropes are there for a reason, so I think the wrestlers should always use them. Thanks to David for sharing these images with us.
Noam Dar (foreground)

Roderick Strong (right)

Marcel Barthel aka Axel Dieter, Jr.

Johnny Wrestling aka Johnny Gargano (right)

Tino Sabatelli (left)

Bonus Shot : There are no ropes being used in this shot, but let's take a moment to appreciate Tino Sabatelli and Robert Roode in the same frame.


  1. Love rope work. Favorite is when a wrestlers arms are pinned between the ropes and they get chops til their chest is red. Or if an arm or leg is targeted and the ropes are used for extra pressure/damage. The. Best.

  2. Two sweet sets of pecs in that last shot.

  3. Rope Punishment has ALWAYS been a Fav. of mine. In day's past, Heels such as Arn, throwing his opponent against the ropes, grabbing the kid by the hair then scraping his face across it. Mad Dog holding his victim over the top rope, throat planted nicely on the rope, Mad Dog choking the breath out of the kid as he leaned all his weight on top of the kid's back and shoulders. LOVE IT !!

  4. Amazing photos!!!
    Rope work is always hot but even hotter if Noam, Roddy or Dieter are involved...

  5. That last boner shot is so dreamy.

  6. Who is guy in white trunks getting back lashed on ropes 3rd pic