Friday, July 28, 2017

New Wrestler Spotted!

Say hello to Luke Menzies, a former professional rugby player from Yorkshire who just announced on Twitter (as I write this, he tweeted the news only an hour ago) that he is now available to be booked for wrestling matches. So who is Luke Menzies? Big Menz, as he's fondly called, is a 29 year old English rugby player who most recently played for the Toronto Wolfpack. I believe he started playing rugby in 2007 and has been on the team of several clubs since he first turned pro. In November 2016, Menzies attended a tryout for WWE. WWE may have liked what they saw because a couple of months ago, they reportedly signed Menzies to a developmental deal (read about it here). If the Englishman secures a visa from the USA, he will then train at the WWE Performance Center. In the meantime, he's open to appearing in wrestling matches in his native England. Menzies' size (6'1", 258 pounds), strength, speed and stamina may serve him well in the ring. I can't wait to see one of his matches on YouTube very soon.

Big Menz is on th leftmost side of the front row. Chris Silvio is the shirtless
guy in the front row. Is that Sexy Kev in the Metallica t-shirt?

With Adam "Flex" Maxtead (in the red shirt, center), wrestling coaches,
and wrestling trainees. 

With former pro wrestler and current wrestling coach/mentor Marty Jones.


  1. I like the look of him...whew!

  2. DAAAAAMN!!! Now that is some grade A beef.

  3. Holy Jeez...I hope he goes in as a Heel. With his incredible body ( and that face, as cute as he is )It would be delicious watching him Pound Jobbers into the mat. WOOF !

  4. Yum. He sorta reminds me of one of those 3 big guys who didn't make it far in NXT

  5. Menzies made his "debut" last year in a confrontation in the middle of a Rise Underground Pro card in the UK. The still of him with Marty Jones is taken from the video(Menzies appears at 48:50):
    Not to be missed is Alex Henry, who enters the ring to wrestle at 1:16:40. The announcer goes overboard gushing about his physique. Anon.