Friday, March 11, 2011

Abs of Steel

Which wrestler made washboard abs a must-have in the business? For me, it was Ravishing Rick Rude back in the 1980s. Before Rude, most wrestlers had solid, muscular midsections, but The Ravishing One had a small, tight waistline and chiseled abdominals.  Nowadays, wrestlers with six-packs proudly show off what they work so hard for. Here's a mini-gallery of some great abs.
John Morrison

Brett Idol aka Brett Barnes
Tom Zenk
Ricky Steamboat
Davey Richards
The man who started it all -- Rick Rude


  1. Wasn't Tom Zenk (the "P-Man" to us) pre-Rick Rude? And he did it without the gimmick. He just WAS.

    That pic I believe was from when he was "Mr. Minnesota".
    Tom was amazing both entering and especially leaving the ring.

  2. JOHN MORRISON makes me cum just seeing him - when he sweats and gets manhandled its just to much

  3. John Morrison, Tom Zenk, and Ricky Steamboat have gorgeous bods and abs. And, yes, Rick Rude had the best ones of all time.