Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Masterpiece from Jim - FCW's Peter Orlov

Jim from Chicago emailed me yet another fantastic set of photos, this time of FCW's Peter Orlov (formerly Alex Koslov) in a recently-held match against Big E. Langston in Crystal River, Florida. Orlov (or Koslov) is one of my Top 10 Beefcakes of Wrestling and even though he's ditched his trunks for long tights, he's still pretty hot. Thanks, Jim, for these great images.


  1. Hes hot but needs to go back to the breifs

  2. Ugh, the damn long pants. AJ Styles. Chris Sabin. This dude. I'm warning you Tyler Black fans! These days they'd put Tom Zenk in a parka with a hat.

  3. It's Tyler Black, they CAN'T...