Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Boy From Oz

Wow, what are they putting in the water Down Under? Here's another slice of Australian beef named Damian Slater. Dubbed "The Golden Boy," Slater (23 years old, 181 cm, 95 kg) is affiliated with several companies including EPW (Perth), PWA (Sydney, Canberra & Queensland), MCW (Melbourne), even SoCal Pro (San Diego, USA) and NWA Pro (Worldwide).  Coming soon, more Australian beefcake.
(I might have to rename this blog The International House of Beefcakes!)

Slater looks like a young Sylvain Grenier here.


  1. Slater looks just about right for me. Good height. A handsome rugged face. Fierce eyes. When I'm done knocking him around the ring for a while, I'll toss him over to you, Bruno, to play with. It looks like you've hit a motherlode, pal. Keep drilling. I want to see MORE.