Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vintage Beefcakes of Wrestling - Jack Brisco

So young, so innocent.

Older, wiser.



    THIS proves vintage is hot. In searching around, some of the best looking and hottest wrestlers were from the 1950s-1960. These are the Kozak Brothers, Nick and Jerry and I'd trade my car for a DVD of them close up and getting brutalized by the evil Fritz von Erich and those classic heels.

    Google "Bill Melby" and "wrestling" - a hunk from the 50s who was a physique magazine model. Wrestled in the US. You can find him on YouTube (a little older than his model poses)

    But my all time fantasy would be "KALMAN GASTON" a young guy from Hungary who wrestled in England in the 1950s. I was reading a little bit of British wrestling history and the article quoted that "ladies used to go crazy over him and scream and faint" so I had to Google this guy - and what a gorgeous male model handsome hunk he was. Video footage of him available : I have found nothing. But oh those pics:


    Droooool. Bill Melby. Yep, vintage was HOT

  3. Thanks for the tip, Mark. I checked out the site and yes, Kalman Gaston was handsome enough to be in the movies. As for Bill Melby...what a beefcake!

  4. The picture at the top is actually Jack's younger brother, Jerry, in the Mid-Atlantic in the early '70's (think this is correct). He would have been in his early 20's at the time (very handsome guy). The second picture is actually Jack Brisco. Two great pictures of 2 legends. There is a strong family resemblance, so easy to understand the mistake.