Monday, March 28, 2011

Joe and Jo

We owe a big debt of gratitude to blogger extraordinaire Joe of Ringside At Skull Island for introducing us aficionados of wrestling beefcake to this fine French specimen named Jo Atlas. I know many of you follow Joe's excellent blog and as you well know, this isn't the first time Joe has brought to our attention to a hunky ring warrior. If you haven't checked Skull Island out yet, click here and become a follower.

Click here to watch a clip called "Jo Atlas Is Beautiful."

See Atlas in action against Hugo Perez here.

Watch a "tribute" to Jo Atlas here.


  1. Now this guy looks worth following. And not just for 2-3 four minute "jobs" against "jobbers". Whatever happened to the old days of "championship matches" where this hunk would be pitted in a 60 minute deal against "Crusher" something or "Waldo von" something. You know, a main event?