Monday, March 7, 2011

I Can Dream, Can't I?

Have you ever seen pictures of jocks, celebrities or even "regular" guys and thought, "now there's someone I'd like to see wrestle"? The guys below are not professional wrestlers (that I know of), but heck, I sure would love to see them in a wrestling match someday.
He could be the classic All-American good guy.

Another good guy/face, but watch out, he could turn heel, too.

Another hero/babyface

This guy could be one of those handsome heels like John Morrison when he first started out.

This guy could definitely play a heel. 

A classic heel; he looks like wrestler Johnny Moss.

These two would make a great tag team.


  1. Isn't that top one Johnny Bravo from Thunder's Arena?

  2. I have to say they are all hot! Would love to be manhandled by all those gorgeous muscle men.

  3. I'm sorry, but #4 (Kevin Perod) is definitely ~not~ heel material. That muscleboy is the classic babyfaced hero that we all like to see get worked over. preferrably while wearing a pair of wrestling trunks that ride up his ass!

  4. #1 does wrestle (and quite well) as Johnny Bravo in Thunders Arena. He's VERY dominant & verbal.

  5. I did a Google search and yes, the first beefcake is indeed Johnny Bravo of Thunder's Arena.