Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seeing Red

What do these beefcakes have in common?
Paul Roma
Chris Masters
Rene Dupree
Terry Taylor
Bobby Fish
Claudio Castagnoli
Tim "Powerhouse" Parker (thanks to "r" for identifying him)

Answer: They're all in red hot ring gear.


  1. Ah, Terry Taylor. My first and biggest wrestling crush. Before he ballooned.

    I remember a chat room for Alex Wright back in the days when we would talk online during his WCW matches. We all agreed despite the rainbow colors he never looked better than when the little wrestling tights were sheer black. Lime green or orange just didn't cut it.

  2. The worst gimmick Taylor ever adapted was that ridiculous "Red Rooster" schtick. Why in the world did he ever agree to it?

  3. All very sexy but Chris Masters is SUPER HOT!

  4. Bruno - that "red rooster" was Terry Taylor's Faye Dunaway "Mommie Dearest" moment - a move that would kill his career and forever be talked about and laughed at.

    Can you believe I read that Vince McMahon brought in Terry Taylor and Curt Hennig at the same time and told them one was getting "Red Rooster" and the other "Mr. Perfect" and at the time Taylor thought he got the better "gimmick"?

  5. Red is my favorite color, and all these studs look so hot in their trunks. Love Roma and Masters the best. Claudio looks so sweet in those.