Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ring Attire : Then & Now

Over the decades, we've seen a variety of attire that wrestlers wear to the ring. From flashy and elaborate robes -- think Gorgeous George or Ric Flair -- to custom made t-shirts like those worn by WWE's superstars. In the 1950s, wrestlers typically wore long robes that covered their entire bodies. There was a big to-do of them stripping off their robes and being "inspected" by the referee for hidden foreign objects. I loved that ritual; it was sexy as hell to watch a hunky athlete undress as the crowd and his opponent gazed at his marvelous physique. Here's a look at some of the many different things wrestlers have worn to the ring throughout the years. What do you like to see a wrestler wear to the ring?
Tom Zenk in Adidas
A pre-Road WarriorAnimal looking like one of The Village People
A young Steve Austin likes sequins.
A hot cowboy tag team
Dean Malenko in a black & red ensemble.
King of the tie-dyed t-shirt "Superstar" Billy Graham
No frills for Bob Backlund
Bill White's sparkly jacket
A simple tanktop for one guy and a flashy jacket for the other. 
El Rayo 
The Warlord's elaborate breastplate
Who's this mystery man?
The Rougeaus chose sequined capes.
Just a big, heavy chain for Hercules.


  1. I can't stand costumes, except on heels. I'm encouraged by the fact that wrestlers like Adam Cole have abandoned the long stretch pants for the classic speedo "tights" and good for them in realizing whether it's the ladies or us, that sexy sells. It worked for Tyler Black who I guess we owe a big debt to.
    Check out this newbie (to me) that RIngside at Skull Island found. Adam Page. Now this guy in his former long spandex wouldn't have gotten much attention from me, but in 2011 he's adapting the little black Tyler Black speedos look. Yay!

  2. Oh, I'm all for speedos in wrestling! Davey Richards used to wrestle in tiny white briefs before he switched to long tights. He's still pretty hot, but boy was he hotter then!

  3. Yep with you guys the brief/speedos are so much better and heck if they are shiny thats even better!

  4. In photo number nine, the guy in the blue trunks and tank top is none other than Bob Armstrong, who just happens to be Brad Armstrong's dad.