Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bad Bones

Let's check out some wrestling action from the UK. Here's T-Bone (the guy with the tattoos) vs young Joe Vega in a recent bout for the indie promotion Futureshock. (Photos by Tony Knox)


  1. T-Bone is sexy has hell!!! and picture 14 with the jobber hanging over his shoulder is amazing!!! thank you!

    1. I love his look (although im not a big fan of alot of tatts on wrestlers) something different from the normal/generic looking wrestler.

      I've only seen Joe Vega a couple of times, but he does look good for a young guy in the ring, he is great at selling the defeated jobber look.

  2. T-Bone is by far, one sexie Heel...Tats and all. Pic 2..Vega suffering on the mat as T-Bone moves in from behind to administer more Punishment...Pic 3..Love T's serious look as he is ready to choke Vega out..Pic 8..T sending Vega hard into the corner post and Vega can't do anything but hit it..Pic 11..LOVE LOVE Vega suffering over the bottom rope ( can only hope T is heading in to give him more ) Pic 12..Words can't describe how beautiful this shot is..Last pic is incredible...Vega out as T's arm is raised the winner...But one has to Love the Look on T's face as he stares down at his beaten victim. Beautiful Post !!