Friday, June 7, 2013

Evolve 22 With Anthony Nese

Check out these pics of Anthony Nese in his match against Tommy Taylor in Dragon Gate USA's Evolve 22 iPPV event held in Florida on June 2. Nice to see Nese wrestling in a place other than New York or New Jersey. Who knows? Maybe one of these days, he'll come and wrestle in your hometown. (Photos by Lindsey Hauser) Oh, I almost forgot to say...Nese won.

Cheese-grater or washboard?


  1. Mr Ness, looking hot as ever,
    but... no complaints over Tommy Taylor, look at that arse!

  2. i found a website with a "play-by-play" description of this match. Just for the heck of it I counted the moves in which one wrestler or the other was the aggressor or had the advantage. Nese, who BTW won this match, had 31 while Taylor had 21. By my count, the photos show 4 for Nese, 3 for Taylor and 2 uncertain. It could be argued that Nese's dominance is under-represented in these photos. If both ambiguous images are counted for Nese, it might be over-represented. It"s a problem when you"re trying to judge a match from stills whether the photographer or the editor is skewing the results. It's especially problematic when you"re trying to decide whether to purchase a DVD based on pix and a no spoiler description like BGEast. Too often such purchases are not what one expects.