Monday, June 10, 2013

Monster Muscle Monday : Godderz and Terry

Our good friend/regular contributor Jim from Chicago has a big surprise for us this Monster Muscle Monday. Jim was in Austin, Indiana on May 31st to watch and photograph a bout between former friends and tag team partners Jessie Godderz and Rob Terry. The match took place in a fire station garage and was the evening's main event ("How could it not be?" writes Jim). It lasted only 12 minutes (a little too short in my opinion) with Godderz being counted out by Terry's big one-handed press. Jim captured some amazing images, don't you think? Thanks, Jim! Looking forward to your next contribution.

Amazing shot! Look at all that definition!

Muscle on muscle!

He lost...but he can still flex!


  1. I could watch these 2 wrestle each other all day!

    ps. The last photo is so hot!.. I think I need to comfort Jesse on his loss

  2. Two "HOT" wrestlers...but "NOT-SO-HOT" trunks. Where have all those sexy, tight, cotton/spandex, 'speedo-cut' wrestling trunks gone?