Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Good Guys Go Bad

What's the first thing a wrestling babyface does when he turns heel? Why, change his look of course. That's just what British fan fave Timm Wylie did when he recently crossed over to the dark side. Here's  Timm before...

And this is Timm now. Pretty intimidating, huh?

His ring gear has that Mad Max/BDSM look to it. What do you think of Timm's new image?

Here are more pics of Timm from his "good guy" days.


Yes, it's a blurred photo. But who cares, right?


  1. I thought he still looked pretty intimidating even as a good guy!

  2. Who's the guy he's got all tied up?

  3. Love his bad boy outfit. But I agree with Stay Puft, he looked a heel when he was a good guy!

  4. I freeking LOVE his new Look. Altho he was Hot as a Good Guy, now with the leather mouth mask, and the leather wrist cuffs...OMG..!! I look foward to Beefcakes posting many of his future matches where he and his new look punish and work over some worthy HOT jobbers. P/S..Gotta love the 4th pic down where he's got his victim all tied up....the kid's face burried right against his Bicep. I could only fantacize, he Flexed it a few times against the kid's face, so as to let him know what he was in for!!