Friday, June 28, 2013

Hair Today

Now that Steven Walters has gone heel, he stopped shaving his torso and is letting his facial hair grow out. What do you think about that?


  1. Any which way is fine by me! ;P

    1. This is what I thought! Equally hot either way.

  2. Altho he was Sexie before...Now with that Beautiful chest of hair...and the 5 o'clock shadow? WOOF!! I can only hope he get's rid of the happy face on his trunks and the knee pads ...He should go total Black...Boots, Trunks, Wrist Bands. All Black gear with his new found chest hair..A Heel made in Heaven !!!

  3. Cuddly!
    (Bruno,You have no idea how your most recent posts have brightened my day…)

  4. Love how when 'turning heal' wrestlers let facial and chest hair grow and shave the head.
    (look at all the image changes of CM Punk as he goes from face->heel->face...

    This is a nice change for Walters
    (just don't change the trunks for tights!)
    but if I had to choose I prefare the older look.

  5. I agree with Jobber in FLorida: the look is very, very hot, but the smiley faces are counterproductive. Basic black would be perfect.

  6. Glad he's a heel but would much prefer the smooth chest. The hair doesn't do anything for him.

  7. This is perfection!

  8. HE does look very good and if he shaves hes head that WILL BE GREAT