Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beefcakes In Action

Rene Dupree

Caleb Konley (left)

Brian Cage

Caleb Konley

Emil Sitoci


  1. Some Great shots...Gotta say, Rene keeps himself in great shape and still knows how to suffer when getting worked over. Question tho...Is he being worked in an Arm Lock or is he being pulled up off the mat by his arm, so he can take more Punishment? Love pic 2...The guy getting worked over is what I would call..Gifted! Pic 7....Can't figure out the gear on the guy working the Headscissor, but just the same, it's a very sexie shot. Great Post.

  2. Re: Rene Dupree - I believe that's an older picture; I don't see his scary flame tattoos. He went through a rather gaunt phase for a while, but I think he bounced back and is looking good again. Here he is in a match held last April:

    As for the gear that guy is wearing in Pic 7, it's a Tarzan loincloth.

  3. In the second pic, who is Caleb's opponent?! He looks like he deserves some mention as well!