Friday, June 21, 2013

Double Post : Ring Gear Games

If you've been watching WWE, you may have noticed Antonio Cesaro's "new" look. Well, it isn't so much a new look as it is a lessening of certain items of ring gear. Gone are the kneepads and wristbands of yore.  Cesaro has gone old-school; he now sports the basic pro wrestling uniform of trunks and boots (and socks) only. Of all the WWE superstars, he's the one who's currently showing the most skin. I applaud his courage and "chutzpah"; wrestling without protecting your joints can be risky and painful. But Cesaro is one tough rassler. I don't really know why he stopped wearing the pads and bands, maybe it's part of his "scientific wrestler/ring technician" image. What do you think of Cesaro's look? Here's Cesaro (formerly known in the indie circuit as Claudio Castagnoli) in a couple of recent matches on WWE RAW.
Compare Sin Cara's elaborate ring gear to Cesaro's minimalist mostly-black get-up.

And because this is a double-post, let's look at what today's wrestlers are wearing to the ring. Almost anything goes, right? Just when did kneepads/elbow pads/kickpads/wristbands/those long stretchy sleeve-like things and stuff like that become popular? They certainly weren't worn back in the so-called Golden Age of Wrestling (1950s-1960s). Look, I know they're supposed to protect the wrestlers' joints and body parts, and that's a good thing. But can you imagine what those wrestlers who didn't wear these things back in the day had to go through? Talk about tough.
Overalls and a sleeveless t-shirt? 

One-shouldered singlet and elbow pads on one fella.

Gladiator-esque "apron" and matching kneepads

Shorts on Chavo Guerrero, tights on Ryan Slade

Steven Walters' knee and wrist protectors


  1. Love Cesaro's current look! (I never really liked those thigh-sweatband-things.)

  2. Cesaro/Castagnoli should be a much bigger star by now, I think. As for gear, the gladiator "apron" never worked for me. Neither do tassels. Briefs, squarecuts, long tights, all work for me (and, oh, loincloths!) Great subtitle, Bruno. Always looking for what you come up with next!

  3. Antonio wore what looked like a purple speedo in a recent match. Very hot. It does seem like he's being reduced to jobbing which is too bad because I think he's the hottest man they've got right now.

  4. Antonio, in his skimpy outfit, is by far the sexiest WWE wrestler today. His long, meaty legs, sprinkled with a fine mist of pubic hair, are succulent. His skin-tight briefs wrap his sublime and powerful buttocks in dramatic relief. And that manly bulge that he proudly struts! He is my dream !!!

  5. You've gotta love Antonio with those long legs and that arse just bouncing around in those small trunks