Friday, June 14, 2013

Beefcakes In Action

Brian Cage's behind (left)

Caleb Konley (in cheetah print trunks)

Caleb Konley (in cheetah print trunks)

Benjamin Sailer (left)

Gladiator and Mad Turk Hussein

Kris Travis and Joey Hayes

Mr. Atlantis (right)

Mr. Atlantis (left)

Emil Sitoci (right)


  1. Some Great shots. Pic #7 of Mr. Atlantis..It Looks to me, he is actually working his victim over. His clenched hands are red from holding his victim tightly, as the kid's back has several red blotches from Atlantis pooring on the punishment. NICE! Pic #8..Love how the guy in silver has his victim by the hair, and is ready to send the kid into the ring apron. Pic #10.. Hopefully Sitoci clamped his legs around the ripped hotties gut and worked him in one of his famous Body Scissors, a hold he is more than well known for.

  2. Brian cage is so hot and muscular! One of my favourite matches on youtube is Cage vs Biggie Bigs (a fat guy). The body contrasts are amazing which only empashises Cages rippedness against Biggie Biggs's blubber.