Monday, June 3, 2013

Monster Muscle Monday

Thanks to a good friend of this blog/regular contributor David for providing me with the title to today's post. Monster Muscle Monday, a new semi-regular feature of this blog, is all about those super muscular beefcake wrestlers like Jo Atlas, Jessie Godderz, John Cena, Ryback, Rob Terry, to name a few. Gracing the very first Monster Muscle Monday post is Brian Cage. Cage has recently been competing in bodybuilder contests; that's why he's so huge compared to about a year ago. He's always been big and muscular, but just look at him now -- he's all monster muscle! Here are photos David took of Mr. GSMI Brian Cage (not sure what GSMI stands for) at a CMF* CWF show held on May 24 in Orlando, Florida. Cage's seemingly hapless opponent here is local indie wrestler Tommy Taylor. Again, thanks to David for these amazing shots. David says he's got more coming very soon. Can't wait to see them, buddy! (Tip: Click on each image to see a larger version.)
*My bad. This should have read CWF.

Cage takes a victory lap around the ring.

Speaking for Brian's fans, I would like to thank the designer of this ring gear.  

Watching the night's other matches.


  1. Thanks Bruno!

    Saw the link @ Musclemen of Wrestling....

    I'm a big muscle fan, so you know I love your blog!!!


  2. Wow!! Cage does look HUGE!! And I agree with you about his ring togs. Thanks for posting those great pics.

  3. GMSI stands for "Get my shit in" according to Mr. Cage himself!

  4. It's CWF not CMF Wrestling..

    Brian Cage T-shirt for sale.. GMSI.. Get My Shit In.

    1. You're's CWF not CMF. My bad!

  5. One hot muscle stud! Hope to see more of him dismantling other pro studs.