Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Tale Of Two Beards

Beards. Do you love 'em or hate 'em? Personally, I don't mind a neat, well-trimmed patch of facial hair. But when beards start to get out of control...oy! Here are a couple of wrestlers who decided to make Beards (with a capital B) their thing. I included some "Before" photos of each one just so you can compare what they looked like without their beards. First up, independent wrestler Matt Cross.

And here's Matt before the crazy beard.

Now here's TNA wrestler (and host of Animal Planet's fishing show Off The Hook) Eric Young.

And here he is in several older incarnations sans beard.

So what do you think of Eric and Matt's beards? Yea or Nay?


  1. Agree with you Bruno. Nix out of control beards. Trim can be hot. Wow, Matt Cross in gladiator uniform is really hot. Where is that from? And of course he looks hot trim in jeans too.

    EY has a really cute baby face that's accentuated when his beard is shaved so I prefer that. Though being a heel, I suppose the beard fits him more. I love how he is absolutely manhandling Bobby Roode who I usually envision in the evil driver seat. So hot to see Roode's big muscles worked over by sweet innocent Young:

  2. Matt's close beard is his best look, I think. Eric better without. Is it a Duck Dynasty thing or an attempt to look like Karl Marx?

  3. With out the beard they are very handsome..Matt as a Roman Soldier looks very Hot with that Body and Beard

  4. HATE HATE HATE beards!!! And it's not just wrestlers. Lately it seems like every A-list actor in Hollywood has one. I was watching The Tonight Show not more than an hour ago with guest Chris Evans and sure enough that handsome face was covered with a goddamn beard!!!

  5. Beards are horrible! Just about everyone looks miles more handsome when clean-shaven. A few men look sexy in designer stubble, but by no means everyone.