Sunday, April 5, 2015

Muscle Monday : Marius Al-Ani

Here's German wrestler Marius Al-Ani, 5 ft. 9. in. tall and weighing 198 pounds (this may be inaccurate, Al-Ani looks like he weighs over 200 pounds). Al-Ani started his in-ring career in 2011 and is a high-flyer in the ring. You can read more about him here. Watch him in action here and here.


  1. Not a fan of all-over tattos like that, but the guy has an awesome look, even with them.

    1. Agreed. Those tattoos suck. Mightily.

  2. . Anti-tatt folks need to get over it. Your comments change nothing for the specific individual or others, in general. After a while all those complaints just sound whiney. And irritating when they appear for every tatted guy.

    I'm a "it depends" guy. I find Al-Ani's designs attractive and relatively restrained. Since I've never seen him with skin naked of ink, I can't really say if I'd prefer it that way or not. I have seen some before-and-after images in which I definitely preferred after, some before. And in some cases, after, but early after, because some guys do go too far, eventually. As the saying goes, "All things in moderation."