Sunday, April 12, 2015

Muscle Monday : Sizzling Stan Styles

Here's independent wrestler Sizzling Stan Styles (Coastal Pro Wrestling, 2KW Peo, and #OnPoint Wrestling) showing of his muscles and his in-ring wardrobe of bikini briefs.

Styles' older look.


  1. Ashamed to admit but I love this stud.
    His youtube 'reviews' are disturbing and super hot at the same time. When he talks about his muscles and flexes - I'm all in

  2. Something about Stan's physique is off; I have always thought his pecs look rather breast-like

  3. When you haven't seen someone's image for a while, just like a young relative, you are suddenly struck by an amazing spurt of facial maturity. Two recent cases for me are Stylez and Justin Bieber. I nearly don't recognize either.
    His shtick is irritating, but when he's revving on all cylinders he can be an amazing and always entertaining wrestler.
    I'm not sure whether it's because of or despite his persona, but he's the rare male wrestler who can pull off winning an inter-gender match.
    His pecs are too flat and square-shaped to be mistaken for women's breasts. He gives no appearance of gynomastia. His pecs are one of my favorite things about him.

    1. Gynecomastia, BTW.
      I stick by the comment. The proportions are off.

  4. I also find Stylez' breasts attractive. They are what I call of the "slab" variety. I do not find that he has or has had gynomastia--otherwise his nipples would protrude (like a Hershey's chocolate kiss) and/or appear to be stretched over a walnut or golf ball. I am assured that he does indeed cultivate androgny--to excellent effect, in my opinion.

  5. Further on Gynecomastia--one can see clear examples by checking out early photos of Nathan Cruz and those of Eddie Edwards, the latter having had unilateral Gynecomastia, which is not uncommon. Alain Lamas, the French model/fitness expert, may still have bulbous teats. Like others, I am sometimes overheated by another's prominent nipples; however, I also find muscular men attractive who are rather flat-chested, with teensy nipples. e.g., Alex Shelley and, to some extent, Player Dos (Marc Dionne). Keep up the good work, Bruno. Thanks.