Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month (Part 1)

Here are some of the beefcake wrestlers who were featured here on April 2010. To see more of these wrestlers, click on their names in the Labels section at the bottom of the post. Or go to the Blog Archive link on the right side of the page (directly below Members), click on 2010, and then click on April.
Petey Williams

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards

Tookie Tucker


Michael Bennett

Strongman Jon Andersen

Ted DiBiase Jr.


Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli

Tyler Black (aka WWE's Seth Rollins)


  1. I tried to identify the First Unidentified. The logo is for Nu-Wrestling Evolution > New Wrestling Entertainment, an Italian promotion founded in 2005. It was still active until recently, though it's web page is unavailable.

    BTW, isn't that the most peculiar N? I thought it might be a U or a V.

    In any case I can't find a complete roster, much less one for 2009-10. Pictures I could find of those who wrestled there have none who closely resemble the image of this stud.

    I'm disappointed. I really hoped to resolve this!

  2. I'm an idiot! His name is right on the photo, but I thought it was a photographer's credit. He's Andrew Martin.

  3. Unid'ed No. 1 is the late Andrew Martin, better known as Test. So sad. Don't know who the second unknown is.
    Tookie Tucker, "the Wrestling Trucker," let himself go, developing a big gut, but at least had the sense to leave his shirt on while wrestling.
    Anyone fond of the weird flap thing Petey Williams wears over his trunks? Hard to imagine it doesn't get in the way.

  4. Interesting, Stamboli looks less ripped now. Ted DiBiase Jr. will forever be a dream guy for me. Funny that Tookie Tucker guy only has one other mention on this site and his pants looks like it says "Gay." Curious who that huge guy in the 4th pic is. Reminds me of Rob Terry and Chris Andrews a bit with his size

  5. Petey WIlliams looks good, but I don't like weird crotchcloth he's wearing. Always loved how he'd take down the bigger AJ Styles when he was on Team Canada